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   …. which is a guide to historical and literary sources in the forms of Diaries and Journals, from all periods and parts of the world which have been printed in English, compiled by Christopher Handley and published by Hanover Press.


This revised version of the Diary Search Website is the fourth edition of An Annotated Bibliography of Diaries Printed in English in a pre-proof draft and contains many typographical errors which it is hoped to correct over time. Although for the time being, in view of its primitive condition, it is made available without charge at the compiler’s expense, it will be much appreciated if those who find the site useful will make a small donation to the costs of maintenance.


Users are reminded that the material is copyright. Nevertheless the publisher hereby gives permission for the verbatim quotation of up to ten individual entries in any one publication provided that the source is fully acknowledged.


For those unfamiliar with the scope and nature of this work it is recommended that they read the introduction, which gives the background to this and the first three editions, and the guide which clarifies much that may otherwise be obscure in the systems of reference and format. The brief note about search techniques may also be of use.


The intention is that in future the bibliography will be incrementally enhanced by correction and addition as time and material allow.


Hanover Press, October 2020